Welcome to Little Footprints

Support, advice and resources for and from bereaved parents and families

A Heartfelt welcome to our site.

This site was created by South Devon Babyloss Support Group (SANDS), Devon, UK. Find out more about our group here

We are so very sorry that you have reason to be here. Our hearts go out to you. We hope that on this site you may share some of your grief as we will share ours with you – pain, sadness, anger, despair as well as peace, hope, understanding and love.
We also hope that here you will find helpful and useful information and advice, ideas, books, contacts, resources.

  • Losing a baby changes you forever.
  • We who have been there can learn and know many truths about ourselves and the world.
  • We understand and we know how to listen.
  • We have the strength and dignity of knowing that somehow we will survive.
  • We can bring compassion, love and strength to each other and to all those around us.


South Devon SANDS (Little Footprints) are raising money to fund a memorial garden in The Follaton Arboretum, Totnes, supporting parents whose babies have died.

We envisage the garden to be a special place, where bereaved families and parents can come to spend time thinking about their babies. To raise the funds to create this garden, we are inviting you to sponsor a tree or shrub individually or as a business. Sponsor a tree in memory of a baby or as a way of showing support for our cause.

Visit the website for futher information: www.sandsmemorialgardentotnes.org.uk